History of the Irish Tyrrells

I have a reprint of the original book that has a large number of family trees. The down load has the text of the book.

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A Genealogical History of The Tyrrells is an original manuscript researched and written in 1904 by JH Tyrrell. It is based on work previously done by Henry William Pook. In its typed form it was presented to Amy Tyrrell, formerly of Ballyshannon House, Derrinturn, Carbury, Co Kildare. Amy was a friend and neighbour of the Tyrrells of Grange Castle and Ballinderry House, Jasper and his sister Holly. Amy married George Tyrrell from Dalkey in 1942.  George was a members of the Arklow seafaring Tyrrell family.

On the cover of the Manuscript, Amy wrote: “Compiled by his sister, Holly – she is buried at Ballinadrimna, Broadford.  Charlie Tyrrell, Ballinderry,  gave this to me because he says Arklow Tyrrells are related.”

In the 1904 manuscript, Holly Tyrrell acknowledges the work of Henry Pook as follows: “Henry William Pook, Colonel (retired) born 1845, married to Emma Mary Earle Pitcher. Living at Lewisham, Kent. To whose skilful research many of the facts recorded herein are due, he having generously allowed the use of his Notes, taken over an extended period, in the compilation of this book.”

It is not clear why Henry William Pook did the original research. Was he related to the Tyrrells? (See page 23 of the 1904 Manuscript)

Henry William Pook was a grandson of Maria-Margaret Tyrrell, second wife of Henry Pook 1770-1875. She was a Kildangan & Clermont Tyrrell.

The Holly Tyrrell manuscript, given to Amy, and now in the possession of Amy’s daughter, Hazel, is a rather fragile document.  It is not clear whether there are other copies of the manuscript, so it is important to preserve it in its original form, while at the same time making the contents available to interested members of the Tyrrell family near and far. Hazel and Harry typed up the manuscript as faithfully as our skills and knowledge have permitted. Some of the original spellings and print were unclear, and we either reprinted it as we saw it, or corrected the text where the original intention was obvious.

The photographs contained in the reprint are added by Hazel and Harry. The website “The Irish Aesthete” was the source of some good photographs and an interesting article on Grange Castle.

Having completed the retyping of the 1904 manuscript, it will be interesting and exciting to further research the connection between the Ballinderry Tyrrells and the Arklow Tyrrells!

Roberta prepared the most recent Tyrrell Family Tree based on conversations with her parents George and Amy and on conversations and correspondence with Nora and Vera.  This was done for the Westport Reunion to celebrate Malcolm and Derek’s 60th birthdays.  Using Roberta’s documentation and researches as a starting point, the Appendixes at the end of this history will begin to fill in some of the gaps.  Future research can then be added.

Hazel Meyer                                                                                                    November 2019